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There are many other local heating fuel oil companies out there, but most only deliver the oil and nothing else. But when it comes to maintaining the life and efficiency of your heating systems, Walker Fuels in Quakertown and Hellertown delivers both. By choosing us, you automatically get the full service treatment. With our specialty service plans, you get the whole nine yards when it comes to keeping your heating system fully functional all season long. We guarantee you won’t find a better, more in-depth service plan out there. Get service you can rely on from a team who cares about the comfort of your home in Easton, Emmaus, Coopersburg and Center Valley PA. Check out our current heating oil service plans below.

Fuel Oil Burner Service Plans

Plan 1 Annual Cleaning and Service

$154.00 + parts

This our basic 15 point service plan. It includes a thorough annual tune-up of your burner and cleaning of your furnace or boiler. Plan 1 covers the following heating oil services, which we will perform as needed at the time of tune-up. Parts are an additional cost.

  • Inspect oil tank, lines, and fittings
  • Change, clean, or inspect filters and strainers
  • Clean and adjust nozzle assembly
  • Replace nozzle
  • Check and set ignition assembly
  • Check primary safety control operation
  • Oil motors
  • Vacuum clean heat exchanger
  • Vacuum clean smoke pipe and chimney base
  • Check operating controls
  • Seal air leaks at chimney base and smoke pipe
  • Adjust oil burner efficiency and combustion with testing equipment
  • Operate through a heating cycle
  • Check, clean, or replace air filters
  • Make necessary suggestions or recommendations

Plan 2 Annual Cleaning and Service


Plan 2 includes all of plan 1 plus provides 1 year coverage/replacement on most parts, labor to replace them, and calls associated with your oil burner. Extra zones can be covered for $8.00 each. See below for a list of covered parts.
To qualify for Plan 2, all heating oil needs to be purchased on an automatic delivery basis by Walker Fuels. For a full list of non-covered parts and terms please contact our office.

  • Air filters, 1 set w/service
  • Aquastat
  • Blower bearings
  • Blower belt
  • Blower motor 1/3 hp max
  • Burner coupling
  • Burner fan
  • Burner motor
  • Buss Bars
  • Cad cell eye
  • Cad cell relay
  • Circulator bearing assembly (1) living room
  • Circulator coupling (1) living room
  • Circulator direct drive (1) living room
  • Circulator motor (1) living room
  • Circulator relay (1) living room
  • Delayed oil valve
  • Draft regulator
  • Electrodes
  • End cone (combustion cone)
  • Fan/limit combination
  • Fan pulley
  • Fan switch
  • Fuel filter complete
  • Fuel pump seal
  • Ignition transformer
  • Igniters and cables
  • Limit switch
  • Low voltage transformer
  • Low voltage wiring
  • Motor capacitor
  • Motor pulley
  • Nozzle adaptor
  • Nozzle line
  • Oil burner switch
  • Oil fuel pump
  • Porcelains
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pressuretrol
  • Solenoid oil valve
  • Stack relay
  • Temperature gauge
  • Thermostat (standard heating only)(1)
  • Triple aquastat

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